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To speak openly (and, more importantly, in the Third Person), Bryan is a Wondernaut/fairweather Fictionary who currently writes for Syfy's "Defiance" and upcoming "Dominion", and has also written episodes of "Arrow" and "Smallville". 

Bryan penned the third volume of DC Comics' "Batgirl" and continues to write "Smallville Season 11" for DC, and is hard at work on the second book in Disney Comics' new "Space Mountain" series (of which he also penned Book One).

And, of course, there are always secret things for secret companies, organizations and publishers.

It should also be made clear that he has almost never seen a Frankenstein.

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Donuts are awesome and I like to eat them.  I would like people to know where they can find donuts worth eating.



Twins Cody and Trin Petersen

Evenin', all. So, you may have noticed that I've been a little chatty about the Kickstarter I"m doing with MARCIO TAKARA. You can check it out HERE.

You can also read about it:

- At IGN (thanks to Joey Esposito!)

- At CBR (thanks to Tim O'Shea!)

- At Wired.com (thanks to Corrina Lawson!)

We've been doing AWESOME on pledges, and I'll post something more about that before bed tonight as we end day one of the drive. All the feels, Gang. ALL THE FEELS!

Some ANGRY Aliens in an interplanetary market

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