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To speak openly (and, more importantly, in the Third Person), Bryan is a Wondernaut/fairweather Fictionary who currently writes for Syfy's "Defiance" and upcoming "Dominion", and has also written episodes of "Arrow" and "Smallville". 

Bryan penned the third volume of DC Comics' "Batgirl" and continues to write "Smallville Season 11" for DC, and is hard at work on the second book in Disney Comics' new "Space Mountain" series (of which he also penned Book One).

And, of course, there are always secret things for secret companies, organizations and publishers.

It should also be made clear that he has almost never seen a Frankenstein.

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Donuts are awesome and I like to eat them.  I would like people to know where they can find donuts worth eating.



I feel like I've been sitting on a Christmas present for everyone since January. Here you go. Unwrap away... in 2 months!

Fans have been waiting for this for a VERY long time. As both a fan and a writer, I am more than pleased to announce the arrival of a MAJOR DC universe player in the second episode of Smallville Season 11...


(PART 1 of 4)

(not final cover - colors, coming soon!)


Written by BRYAN Q. MILLER

Art and cover by CHRISCROSS and MARC DEERING

On sale SEPTEMBER 5 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

• These stories are in print for the first time after appearing online.

• SUPERMAN comes face-to-face with high-tech weapons on the streets of Metropolis.

• The hunt for his parents’ killer puts a vigilante known only as “the BATMAN” on a collision course with The Man of Steel…

(via DC Comics)

Contact your local comic shop and pre-order, pre-order, pre-order, Gang. 




Today, Wednesday, June 6th, the second PRINT issue of Smallville: Season 11 hits stores (comprised of digital chapters 4-6 + bonus content).

Luckily for the digital/weekly readers, we're in a shorter month - so there's only THIS Friday without more Smallville goodness. Join us NEXT Friday (June 15) when Chapter 7 hits the apps.

Behind-the-scenes content for Print issue 2 revolves around some of Ryan and Cat's process for their respective covers.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with us as we get the wrinkles ironed out. 

As I said in my earlier post, "Print sales on this book are just as important as digital sales." So even if you aren't planning on purchasing the print edition (thanks to everyone for loving on the buying and the reading of the digital chapters, by the way!), please let other Smallville fans know the print version is available. 

And, as always, PRETTYPLEASEDONTPIRATE. For serious. Scans of today's issue showed up on torrent sites as early as yesterday afternoon.


Thank you all for you support. I hope you continue to enjoy the ride!



Let's all take a moment to reflect on the history of the donut, our most hallowed of confections...

The year was 1751, a time when America was introduced to its first performing monkey, Frederik of Holstein-Gottorp crowned himself king of Sweden, and France put into motion a plan to tax clergyman. Also?

This was the year that saw the birth of one of the world’s foremost forms of toroidal confection – THE DONUT (or, region depending, “doughnut”).

Baron Pietor Von Peter (left) with members of his regimentOn April 5, 1751, Baron Pietor Von Peter arrived home from Prussia’a secret war with itself. The war was swift and innocuous – historians often refer to the Prussian self-conflict as “The Great Shrug” or, alternately, “The Year of Breezy Saturdays.”  It did not take long for Pietor to realize that, though he had left for the war a whole man… he did not return intact.

Prussian monument to "Marbles," a popular children's game in the late 18th centuryAs toys were a luxury in the Prussia of 1751, children of all levels of intelligence regularly enjoyed rousing games of “Marbles”, in which water [available in abundance] was poured over, around and through things [things were found mostly in Western Prussia]. Thirteen of the nineteen halfwits born onto Pietor [all born outside of wedlock – though he DID eventually wed one Greta Van Susteren] enjoyed Marbles on a regular basis, and made it clear that there was, in fact, a hole in Pietor’s leg.

A prophetic cork item from the Smithsonian exhibit, "Five Exhibits from the Year of Breezy Saturdays" (1997)Physically, Pietor dealt with his leg-hole in a manner not wholly unbecoming of a survivor of The Great Shrug – he plugged it with swiftness and efficiency. Given most things were found in Western Prussia, Eastern Prussia [where Pietor and his half-wits resided until the summer of 1893] was subsequently left with endless piles of remaindered corks, ripe for the picking. The “solution” as Peitor named it, currently resides in the Smithsonian Institute’s “Five Exhibits from the Year of Breezy Saturdays” (February 1st, 1997-February 18th, 1997). Emotionally, however, Pietor would forever be haunted.

For years, Pietor sought solace in filling every hole he could find (much to the chagrin of those charged with blasting open East-Prussian cork mines). Nearly a decade and fifteen incarcerations later (during which time Pietor rose from Apprentice Prison Baker to Masterary Incarcerated Confectionist), Pietor would finally find purpose.

A rare look at one of Greta Van Susteren's Prussian Racing TortoiseThe post-Shrug economic collapse in Northern Prussia sent those seeking employ south, west and, most notably, east. The surge of migrant cork-sorting labor into the region increased demand for easily consumable foodstuffs, specifically ones that could be consumed while on the Go [a Prussian tributary that served as shipping route from cork collection facilities to the sea].  At the behest of then-new wife Van Susteren (whose burgeoning interest in breeding racing tortoise required incessant funding), Pietor opened a bakery whose sole purpose was supplying portable, fried breads.

Mass production (later perfected by Henry Ford) of Von Peter’s Dough-wads was never an issue – one of the few benefits of having nineteen half-wits under one’s roof. The rough and uneven terrain that needed to be crossed in order to get the product to East Prussian cork miners, however, proved to be a challenge.

Vertical steel rods remain Prussia's 2nd largest exportScores of Dough-wads were lost to the dirty, worm-ridden East Prussian soil of the late 18th century. In order to stem the loss of product (as well as address lingering consistency issues with unfried dough at the heart of each wad), Pietor began punching holes through his wads. Once cooked and cooled, each centerless wad would then be stacked on a vertical rod. Not only did this innovation save Pietor’s business (as well as keep the Cork miners fed), but it also saw demand rise for Prussia’s second largest industry – vertical steel rods.

And so, the “dought-nut” was born. It is speculated that the name is derived quite counter-intuitively from the image of all the doughy centers (or, “nuts”) left behind as line after line of confection was produced. Some have also mused the name comes from Pietor’s sheer ingenuity and enthusiasm in the face of staggering socio-economic and geographic adversity.

Early design sketch for Von Peter's dirigibleIn August of 1893, the seven surviving Von Peter half-wits packed the living remains of their then 173 year old father into a crate and loaded him onto a dirigible bound for the East Indies (a location Pietor had often demanded his living remains be shipped to, in the event of extreme age). Sadly, Pietor would never see East Indian sky.

Hanson Gregory - innovator... or thief?Prevailing winds from the great Sea Islands hurricane redirected Pietor’s woefully unmanned dirigible inland on North America’s Eastern coast. As he lay dying within a heap of his own languid limbs and errant dirigible pieces, Pietor Von Peter was happened upon by 19th Century American confectionary Hanson Gregory (Gregory, as fate would have it, had descended from a long line of people who stumbled upon greatness).

Gregory would later go on to claim that he had invented the “dough-nut” in 1847, aboard a lime trading ship, at the age of 16.





Ryan's print cover

Here are the solicit points for the fourth PRINT issue of Smallville, Season 11, as well Ryan Benjamin's cover. As a BONUS, here's also a preview of Cat Staggs' cover for the digital chapters that cover the same ground.

(Courtesy DC Comics


Written by BRYAN Q. MILLER
On sale AUGUST 1 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

A preview of Cat's digital cover• The story arc kicking off the SEASON PREMIERE EVENT concludes!

• CHLOE and OLIVER make a shocking discovery as they come face-to-face with the sole survivor of the crash.

• More machine than man, an out-of-control HENSHAW must be stopped – this looks like a job for SUPERMAN!

And, for serious, as great as these covers are... once we reveal the covers for the first installment of the next episode? Internet. Implodes.



Covers by: Gary Frank, Cat Staggs, Ryan Benjamin & Ryan Benjamin (I have seen it - you CANNOT!)

Today, Wednesday, May 2nd, the first PRINT issue of Smallville: Season 11 hits stores. Each print issue will compile 3 digital chapters. The first 4 print issues comprise the season premiere mega-sode, "Guardian." The cost is $3.99. Print issues will include behind the scenes content (like Pere's assortment of concept designs for Clark's new Super-suit), as well as a parsed out series episode guide. As with any normal comic book, ads will also be included within the pages.

Many of you have purchased this digitally, and for that (sales have been GREAT), I am eternally grateful. Print sales on this book are just as important as digital sales. Even if you don't plan on buying the print issues, please spread the word as they become available. If sales weren't an issue, believe me, I wouldn't be talking about these as much as I am. But they are. Bottom line - the more you buy, the longer we'll go.

For Smallville fans, this is a continuation of characters and stories that you know and love. For non-Smallville fans, this is a Superman Year One story that builds off of the mythology as presented in the show. 


Thank you all for you support. I hope you enjoy the ride!

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